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And Then Came The Tourists

by Paper Rifles

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released April 9, 2016

Paper Rifles – “And Then Came The Tourists”

“Damn it all, you can't have the crown of thorns and the thirty pieces of silver” - Nye Bevan

Tracks 1-4 recorded & mixed by Stephen Watkins at Tape Studio, Edinburgh. Assisted by C. Main and G. Macaulay.

Original artwork by Andy Bastow.

Design and layout by Sean Kennedy.

All songs © Paper Rifles 2016.

Released by Struck Dum Records


Bonus Tracks:

Tracks 5-9 were recorded live in session for East Coast FM on an evening of absolutely torrential rain, thunder and lightning. The studio is in an industrial estate and none of the streetlights were working, so there was a palpable sense of relief when I finally got inside and set up to play. I’m still amazed that the rain battering on the roof wasn’t picked up by the mics. It turned out that I’d done a Curators session for East Coast FM years previously, so I ended up playing one song more than I intended to after a wee journey down memory lane. Thanks to Elmo for booking me and for recording and mixing the session.

Track 10 is a live version of "Four Hours" taken from the Refugee Survival trust benefit show that I did with Billy Liar. We were launching the “What We’ve Got / Four Hours” double a-side that was put out via Struck Dum, Make-That-A-Take and Anti Manifesto and we were absolutely over the moon to raise £600 on the night. Our set came at the end of a brilliant evening of music, and you can tell we were really enjoying ourselves by this stage.

Track 11 is a live version of Deacon Blue’s “Dignity”, recorded at Cerberus Bar in Dundee at a Make-That-A-Take show. Playing covers live is always a bit of a gamble, but the night had gone really well and it felt like a fun way to end the set. The gamble paid off, although I’ll always wonder what that Bon Jovi cover would have sounded like.

Tracks 12 and 13 are my original home demos for “Faith Healer” and “Ophelia”. Ever since getting hold of my first tape 4 track in the 90s, I’ve always loved home recording. I’m really interested in hearing how songs progress from the original demos to the final versions, so I’ve included these here in case anyone else is the same. Also, I love recording way too many backing vocals and drenching them in reverb. Always more reverb. Always.

Track 14 is an instrumental version of Politics that I recorded for the Carnegie Trust to soundtrack some of their videos. I’d never done anything like that before, and I was really pleased with how it came out. Happily, I decided to ditch my Slash-esque solo. Time and a place and all that...




Paper Rifles Edinburgh, UK


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Track Name: Faith Healer
I won't need to put my faith in prayer
If I fall down I know that you'll be there
From the cradle's rock to the graveyard's farewell
We are all Jock Tamson's bairns in Bevan's care

Tell me stories of '46
When a giant fell in a hail of bricks
And the sweat of man was a nation's call
Not to arms, but to wage a war
On the state of it all

Men with millions and hearts as dark
As the skin they fear and the cars they park
Cannot speak for me or the folks I know
Taint the soil in which we grow

Apathy's our only foe
So saddle up and here we go
Let's have the courage of those old convictions
Track Name: Am Ende Kommen Touristen
Let's visit the sins of fathers on the sons they left
Weld the doors of history tight shut and hold our breath
Make a man a monster and excuse the human crime
Evil is a lazy word but we use it all the time

But soon, so soon, the tourists they will come
And pay their way through graves and gates
Of iron lies and dignity that dies
As they push play on audio tours

Our great mistake is begging not to borrow from the bank of all our faults
Where we burn books, the bones will surely follow
With the stains of ink and salt
Track Name: Books Our Fathers Handed Down
Sit tight, lay low, forget what you saw him do
A libertarian with a new t-shirt suntan
Who kicks on cue

It takes more than tv to civilise me

So, a leap of faith is all in the mind, the pride before the fall
So, a leap of faith is all in the mind that never thinks at all

Doors shut, lock down, heresy looks good on you
A man in holy cloth can tie the tightest knot
But still it moves

We read the books our fathers handed down
Take them all as gospel, solid ground
Sacrifice our reason to the flames
And burn
Track Name: Postscripts
I'm not a writer, an author, but I believe in words more than they can let me say
Faith comes to anyone who closes their eyes, but the truth knows that there's a price to pay

I'm writing postscripts to letters that never leave the desktop that harbours my intent
I'd be the full stop, but this pencil never wants to witness that lead heavy lament

I see the changes, our language is following our species into self-destruction
Can we be judges on couches in living rooms who cannot find time for solutions?

Have you heard the news today?
Another life was torn away from this place

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